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At the beginning of the year (not that it isn't still the beginning of the year really), Jodi of pollyorange shared a link on twitter to this facebook group.  The idea is a simple one, 1 crochet (or knit) square, a day everyday for 366 days (as it's a leap year and all).  Now don't get me wrong, I already have about a billion knitting and crochet projects in progress (including 2 blankets no less) but I just couldn't resist.
leap year granny

And so far it's working out pretty well.  Most days after collecting the toddler from nursery we sit down and relax for a bit, Milo watches whichever film it is he insists on watching every single day that month, and I have a cup of coffee and a breather, except now I have a cup of coffee and work up a crochet granny square.  I am a couple of days behind at the moment in all honesty, but I hope to catch up later today.

leap year granny

The other great thing about this project is at the moment I am using my little jar of yarn balls too small for anything (except of course they are not too small for granny squares).  It means not only am I using up otherwise wasted yarn, the blanket will also be quite an eclectic one.  Mostly I am using double knit yarn but there is a bit of aran and a bit of 4ply thrown in too, it will also be a huge array of fibres (which granted will make washing it interesting) it's lovely though because there is a little bit of every project I've made with hook or needles over the last few years in there.

Here's hoping this one will actually get completed!

Of course there is still time to join in if you fancy, the facebook group is here.

Ravelry page for this project :: here.

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