Stitching Little Houses...

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As I've been trying to spend more time relaxing as advised...I've mostly been stitching up these little houses.

Stitching Little Houses by you.
They seem kind of festive to me, I don't know why I think they remind me of the houses I painted on a mug a few years ago...
Cromer Lights Mug by you.
I'm really enjoying embroidery at the moment, I love it because you can sit in front to of the telly and relax whilst you're doing it and unlike crochet or knitting you don't have to keep so much of a track of numbers and stitches and rows etc...  It's perfect for me right now.  This little lovelies will be backed and framed in embroidery hoops and will go on sale in my shop.
Some more pictures for you... 
Stitching Little Houses by you.
Stitching Little Houses by you.
I hope everyone has been enjoying lovely sleepy Sundays like myself.

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