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I've had a couple fairly disastrous attempts at gardening over the past couple of years, but despite that I'm going to give it another go!  As I'm actually on time for starting this year (something that may have been biggest problem in the past) and as I'm at home most of everyday now, I figure this year should be much more successful than the years gone by!

gardening 26.02.10

This blog is mostly an opportunity to keep a track of my progress, to keep a record of what I planted when and how well it is doing!  But please feel free to add your own comments and follow me on my gardening adventure!  I don't actually have a garden as such, but I'm not going to let that stand in my way!  I have a very small patio area, a (dangerous for a crawling baby) roof terrace, a few window sills and quite a lot of pots, I'm hoping that will be enough for now!

gardening 26.02.10

Yesterday I sowed the following...

  • coriander

  • basil

  • purple basil

  • parsley

  • oregano

  • sweet pepper

I also watered the much neglected little chilli seedling (that seems to have been a seedling for quite a few months now, probably caused by the neglect) and an aloe vera plant I picked up somewhere, and placed them all on the lovely sunny windowsill in my lounge where hopefully there everyday presence will remind me to keep them watered and healthy!

gardening 26.02.10

I've covered each of the pots with seeds in it, with clingfilm, I read somewhere that would work as a little green house.  It's worked well for me in the past when planting seeds.

Wish me (and them) luck! x

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