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I've been such a terrible blogger this week, my unexplained absence is mostly down to attempting to go back to work, but finding it to be so incredibly difficult. The problem is, I'm actually not any better than I was 2 weeks ago, but I want so much to go back, if they can't find out what's wrong with me then I may just feel this way through the whole pregnancy and if that's the case then I definitely can't stay at home the whole time, 2 weeks was sending me insane! But at the same time I make myself so panicked about the prospect of falling over somewhere dangerous that I just make myself feel even worse. To top it all off I developed some kind of eye infection yesterday, my right eye is so swollen I can hardly see out of it!

Anyway....some nice things, whilst spending all that time couped up at home attempting to recover, but not making any progress, I spent quite a lot of time (and money) on internet (well etsy mostly) shopping. Here are some of the lovelies I received...

Some wonderful treats from Belle and Boo,

She's having a 25% off sale on all her prints at the moment and also has some great offers on stocking fillers which is what I went for. The quality of everything is lovely right down to the super beautiful packaging. I want so so much to get a print for the baby's room, but Johnny is convinced they are too girly. I disagree, this is the one I would choose but no still too girly apparently. Hey ho...maybe I'll just have to get some for the craft room, once I get round to actually turning into a craft room from a junk room!

I also purchased these lovely christmas cards from The Black Apple

Again they were so beautifully packaged, and the cards themselves are lovely. They are really big, which is great because I only really tend to send christmas cards to people I don't see very often so lots of room is good to fill them in on lots of news and gossip.

I had so many lovely things arrive for me in the post the last couple of weeks but as most of them are christmas presents and I'm not sure about who does and doesn't read my blog, I must keep them hidden away, for now at least. Which is a massive shame, as I would love to share the names of all the wonderful etsy sellers I have encountered.

Happy Sunday all...I'm going to attempt a full day at work! Wish me luck! xx

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