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Those of you who follow me over on Instagram may have seen back in September, the hat I crocheted myself on the train on the way to Yarndale.  I grabbed a skein of yarn and a hook as I was running out the door in the morning and by the time I arrived in Skipton I had a fresh new hat upon my head! 

I loved that hat a lot and wore it all weekend,  plus I purchased myself a turquoise fluffy pom pom to go on the top of it from CoopKnits whilst at the festival. I promised lots of you at the time that I would get the pattern written up so you too could make your own. It's taken me ages to finally get round to it, but last week, when the original hat's whereabouts became a mystery to me, I decided it was about time I wrote up the pattern and made myself a new hat (I'm still hopeful the original hat might turn up as my Sirkku Mittens are also missing, so I'm guessing they are just both hiding in a mystery location somewhere together).

I love this hat for many reasons, firstly it's a perfect way to show off a 100g skein of DK yarn, it's a super quick, easy and satisfying make, I don't expect everyone to get their's done over a train journey, but it's certainly a weekend project. Plus it's really lovely to wear, it just has a really nice comfy fit, with lots of slouch in the back, which for me is just how I like my hats.

You can download the PDF here. I'd love to see your makes so if you're posting on social media, use #SkiptonHat and #VickiBrownDesigns. 
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Happy Hooking x

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