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I managed to persuade Milo to do a little bit of modelling for me at the weekend and Sunday was the perfect day for it too, just the right weather for him to be parading around in the Robot Hoodie I originally designed for Inside Crochet.


 You may have noticed that I do love a bit of colourwork...especially on the yoke.  I would say the majority of my designs probably have a colourwork yoke like this.  I especially like to do this with crochet because it's not a technique you often see in crochet, but I think it can work almost a well as those a beautiful knitted fair isle designs.


 The principle is very similar to that of knitting, unlike with tapestry crochet I keep the unworked colour loose at the back of the work, creating a stranded interior and just like knitting if it's a big gap for the yarn to strand across I catch it in behind another stitch midway across (hmmm I'm thinking this could become a blog post all of it's own...).


 This hoodie was very much a collaboration between me and Milo, before I'd even had the sweater commissioned he was clutching hold of my original swatch, a string of robots, throughout the in love with the robots he was! It was he who suggested it have a hood and he who choose the little toggle buttons. So unsurprisingly he loves it and I was so relieved to see it still fits him, for now at least.

 The pattern is available in sizes age 2-3(4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11)yrs, the sample uses Paton's Diploma Gold DK, but any double knit weight wool yarn would work in it's place. I really love this hoodie and I get so much pleasure from seeing Milo eagerly wear something I've created for him.


You can purchase the pattern in the usual places (ravelry, etsy, craftsy).

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