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As Camp Bestival gets closer, we're getting pretty excited by the prospect of attending this year.  As a result we've been keeping a fierce eye on their news page.  On Friday they announced Project Wild Thing would be joining them for the weekend, creating an area for kids to really get back into the wild, activities will include building fires, tree climbing, identifying plants and animals and much more.
Camp Bestival are also running a competition to win festival t-shirts for your entire family.  All you have to do is download the Wild Thing app, get outside, put the app to good use, snap some pictures and email them over to Camp Bestival (details here).

I downloaded the app straight away but unfortunately the dire weather meant it was a few days before we had the chance to use it.  Finally yesterday the rain stopped and the sun even made a brief appearance.  We headed to one of our favourite parks in Cheltenham (Pittville) though we are so lucky here to have many to choose from.  The app is a great resource of outside activity ideas, broken up into sections depending on the amount of time you have available.
We concentrated on the shorter activities, sticking to the 20 minute section, just because I was fearful the weather could change at any moment.
We hunted out 5 different flowers, prowled around stealthily like foxes and turned over rocks to discover 'mini beasts' (as Milo called them).

One we haven't tried yet but I love the sound of is; walking though grass with an old sock over your shoe, once it's really dirty, pop it in a clear plastic bag with a squirt of water and leave in the window to see if anything grows!

This is a great resource and something I can see us referring to loads over the next few months and beyond.  If you fancy getting outside into the wild yourself, you can download the app for iOS here and android here.

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