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Yay! It's a #postcircle day! 

I'm not sure I've blogged about postcircle before now, but I'm not sure why...because it is awesome!

Yay! Today is a #postcircle day :)

Organised by Anna of Miss Beatrix, the idea is fairly simple, you get assigned to a group (I'm red squirrel!) then you send fabulous mail, of real life variety, to the others in that group, then of course you also get to receive some mail in return!  What could be better?!

Yay for #postcircle post to cheer a Monday morning 

Awesome post yesterday, including the gorgeous new issue of @insidecrochet and lovely #postcircle post :) 

I've been playing a couple of months now and have had some really amazing post as a result, all envelopes are marked #PostCircle meaning that when I pick the post up off the doormat, I get a little glimpse of something that I know will be so much nicer than all the other rubbish that usually comes through the letter box.

Oooh lovely post today #postcircle

I think Anna is still taking names and addresses to add to groups so if you fancy writing some of your own letters then hop on over to her blog to check out the details.

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