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So it's actually been over a month since miss Effie made that big milestone of one. The last year has been so wonderful, of course it's gone by in a flash and yet feels like a million years all at the same time.

To think that I didn't even know I wanted a second baby, really didn't feel as though I wanted a daughter and couldn't possibly imagine how I could love another as much I love Milo before she came along. 

Effie's first year has been a hundred times easier (for me at least) than Milo's was, though I fear she will make up for it in the future. She is quite feisty, very adamant about what she wants and has a terribly mischievous streak. 

For the most part her and Milo get on very well, he dotes on her and she on him. I love seeing them together. She doesn't have many words yet but 'ilo' has emerged quite loudly this week.

Other words are ::
Tater - water
Daddy - daddy
Minmin/mama - milk

I think that's probably it, notice no mama meaning mama yet (humph!). She signs for food and milk and will give you an enthusiastic head nod for yes, she doesn't shake her head yet but if she doesn't nod she means no! If that doesn't work she'll bat you or it away very forcefully! She also waves and claps and points. I think she may be a bit behind in communication, we're working on it and I'm confident she understands a lot, she just doesn't feel the need to tell us much yet.

She's also behind in terms of weight. She was born quite big but has slid further and further down the weight chart since then. I'm not concerned I think she's just little, but was born big. However the health visitors are so she's having frequent check ups. 

Things she loves include, books (especially the Gruffalo!), cuddly toys, animals, throwing food on the floor and kisses.

I can wait to watch her grow and change and become the person she will be.

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