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I have been doing a lot of knitting and crochet recently, a lot indeed, I am not complaining, no not one bit, but I have discovered a new listening pleasure to accompany all this clicking and hooking, knitting podcasts. In all honesty I have never really listened to podcasts before, I think there was a time a few years ago where I researched some I might like, but when I couldn't seem to put them on my iPod I just gave up on the idea. I knew they were there, all these knitting and crafty people talking about all the things I love, so when I had watched myself up to date on Neighbours (my knitting, watching guilty pleasure) I hunted some out.

I'm sure there are lots and lots of fabulous knitty themed podcasts out there but so far I have stumbled on 2 favourites, both of whom have a huge back catalog for me to listen through. These are The Knitting Pipeline and Electric Sheep.

The Knitting Pipeline was my first find and I got sucked in straight away, listening constantly until I had worked my way through about 12 episodes! I love Paula's voice and the way she talks about knitting is perfect company to the click, click, click of my needles. I've been listening from the beginning where she talks a lot about Elizabeth Zimmerman and reads some of her personal letters from the lady herself, which are wonderful. She also tells amusing stories about 3 wild turkey's who visit her garden regularly!

Having enjoyed listening to Paula, I decided to search out some more listening delights, she had mentioned a UK podcast by the name of Electric Sheep, so I hunted this out. Listening to an English accent after spending so long listening to an American, was odd, but lovely. And I adore the Electric Sheep, her knitting insights are so funny and oh so true. I started with the most recent one's this time, which means now I have lots of old ones to listen through.

I'm sure there are loads more out there and would love to hear any recommendations you may have. Especially any other UK podcasts as I couldn't seem to find any more, or crochet shows as I couldn't find any of those at all.

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