New Buttons and Beads...

Posted by vicki brown on

Today I am mostly cleaning and tidying...not quite sure how it happened but I just woke up with an urge to do it...and haven't stopped...well not until now. I thought I'd take a quick break, sip on some raspberry leaf tea and share with you some pictures of the beads and buttons I made yesterday.

I needed some black and white buttons to go inside the black and white corsages I have been making so thought I might as well knock out a whole batch of them. Unfortunately I seemed to have had my pregnant brain on yesterday, and not until I removed them from the oven did I notice that I managed to forget to put holes in the black with white heart buttons....making not very useful buttons at all. Not really sure what will become of them now...any ideas?

So I best get back to my nesting/spring cleaning before I lose interest in the venture!!

Happy Thursday x

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