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seriously my heart nearly exploded when one morning last week, not long after breakfast, my little boy asked "shall we do knitting mum?", oh go on then if you insist!

Spent ages building milo a train track, he just wants to do knitting!

Now it happens all the time, at least once a day he stumbles away from his current playtime toys and declares "I just want to do some knitting", throughout my own knitting/crochet I am asked, "what you making mum, is a present for me?" and he will sit quietly and for long stretches of time with ball of yarn and needles in hand, he loves to browse through my stash carefully choosing which colours to use today and his imagination is endless, he has so far declared to be knitting, a fairy godmother, an imaginex toy and noddy, to name just a few. He sure is a talented one my boy.

Knitting with the boy, his colour choices!

Of course he's not yet 3, he can't actually knit, he has no interest in learning, if I try and guide him or dare to cast some stitches on for him, he gets frustrated, he just sits there with his ball of yarn, his needles and carefully weaves one needle in and out of the yarn ball (leaving said yarn ball in quite a knotty state if I'm honest), but nothing gives me as much pleasure these days as sitting on the sofa, knitting/crochet in hand, boy beside me, 'knitting' a present for one of his friends.

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