My Big Bummed Babe...

Posted by vicki brown on

After a disapointing start with cloth nappies (I just didn't do enough research and purchased some really bad ones before Milo was born) I decided to give them another go.  I got myself some bargain motherease from, ebay a selection of wraps and we're up and running, so far very successfully, no leaks!

However we are experiencing one rather big problem!  Nothing will fit over that bum of his!!  We've gone up a vest size and that's fine but unfortunately even the next size up trousers just are not going over that nappy!

So this afternoon I will most definitely have to stitch up some super sized trousers for my little boy, in preparation for our trip to the seaside at the weekend, where I am truly hoping it will be just a little bit cooler than it is here...please!

P.S. I do appreciate that with the pink background and all in the above pictures may hint a little towards girlyness, but I assure you Milo doesn't mind...he even has a pink sleeping bag!

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