Me Made May :: Week 1 (and a bit) ::

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I have been so good at dressing in handmade by me items every day throughout May, but I've not been so good at capturing myself doing so. I'm just too awkward and uncomfortable with photos of myself. I really wish I wasn't, but I really struggle. When I actually remember to take a photo, I then agonise over each and every detail of it, until I decide I don't like it and therefore refuse to post it. I feel so silly for behaving like this, I'd like to think I am comfortable in my own skin, that I'm happy with the face I have inherited, but there's still, somewhere hiding inside of me, the shy insecure teenager of my youth.

Anyway, here are the few shots I did share over on instagram (including the photos I shared with you in my first post for Me Made May, I realise I've only managed 6 photos so far out of 13 days) ::

And here's a list of what I've been wearing ::
I hereby pledge for the rest of the month, to be less self conscious and get photographing and sharing my handmades!

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