magic yarn ball ::

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magic yarn ball ::

I learnt about magic yarn balls, somewhere on the internets back in November and imeadiately wanted to make one for someone.  It seemed fairly fruitless to make one for yourself, so I figured my sister would be the perfect receiver of something so awesome.

I started planning straight away!

If you haven't heard of magic yarn balls before, they are basically balls of yarn, full of goodies!  I included, chocolates, magnets, buttons, sewing needle book, earrings and right in the middle a crocheted pin cushion.  I made most of the items, I included, myself.  I used the pin cushion to start and then rewound the yarn around this, adding other items as I went.  Therefore when my sister came to use the yarn she would uncover little prizes as she crocheted away!

magic yarn ball ::

I was really pleased with the way it turned out, especially as you couldn't see any of the hidden treasures peeking through.  My sister had never heard of magic yarn balls before either so the whole thing was a huge surprise to her when she started using it! Making it all the better!

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