Little Multi-Coloured Houses...

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My trip to the hospital was all fine...our little one is measuring almost bang of target for his dates and is estimated to weigh almost 5lb already, which is wonderful...he is however still breech and the sonographer didn't seem too convinced that he's going to manage to find his way into the right position in time. Which is a bit of a worry, but I'm not going to give up on jumping around on my ball thing and getting down on all fours in an attempt to encourage him!!

I didn't post yesterday as I was kept very busy all day building a wardrobe! Exciting indeed! But it had to be done as we do really have far too many clothes...I guess it's one of the problems in working for a fashion retailer...but it's done now and today we get to build the cot and make a lovely little home for our baby!

I did squeeze a little crafting into the day and stitched up these little houses...

They are a variation on the ones I did here...but in different colours as Johnny keeps on insisting I do. I actually very much like them indeed.

They are a little bit crumpled in these photos but will be making their way into an embroidery hoop and once up and running into my new shop. I hope to have enough time this week to build up lots of stock so that I can get it open by next weekend...fingers crossed.

Happy Sunday I hope you all have lovely relaxing days. xx

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