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I recently purchased Fresh Stitches' amigurumi course from Craftsy.  I'm not a massive fan of making amigurumi, I can totally see it's attraction and that so many people love it, but I don't know why it just hasn't ever really appealed to me, so when I saw that Stacey Trock's 'Design your own monster' course was super discounted on valentines week, I thought I'd see if I could be inspired to give it a go.

And needless to say I was, if you haven't heard of craftsy of looked at the courses they have on offer, I suggest you go on over there and have a peek.  I loved Stacey's class, her manner and explanations were perfect and though I doubt you'll see me churning out masses of amigurumi monsters or animals any time soon, it certainly gave me a lot to think about and who knows I may even write up a pattern or two.  But for now I'm happy creating cuties for the toddler.

He's away this week, so I made him this soft and cuddly lego head, using the techniques I learned in the class, he's not perfect, but he's a close enough resemblance and hopefully the boy will give him the thumbs up when he returns.

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