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so it has not exactly been sunny here the last couple of weeks, in fact it has been positively miserable.  It has been rainy forever, well it certainly feels that way.  As a result my garden is very much behind compared to this time last year.

But there is still stuff happening, plants are still growing, fruits are appearing, and even, ever, ever so slowly beginning to ripen.

in the garden ::

blueberries, we have lots lots more than last year (the bushes first year) and they are looking much bigger this year too, though I'm guessing they are still a way from ripening.

  in the garden :: 

 cornflower, the first to open, last year I had flowers in April!

  in the garden ::in the garden ::

in the garden ::

in the garden :: 

courgette, I'm fairly sure that by this time last year, we were already putting courgette in everything, this is the first and doesn't seem to be growing at all.

I'm trying not get down about it all and hoping that we'll have a lovely hot, long summer yet.  

On a more positive note we did have our first handful of raspberries a couple of days ago and a handful every day since.

First raspberries! There may not have been sunshine for last 2 weeks but these beauties made it. So excited.

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