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It has been very quiet over here lately hasn't it? With our house move, a very mobile toddler in my life and everything else that inadvertently sucks my time, I'm afraid I've let the blog slide. It's one of those things where as more time passes it seems more difficult to get back to it, but this Sunday morning with coffee in hand and children playing happily together, I'm carving out some time to get back at it.

Life has been pretty full since we moved in to our first ever home back in January. The house renovation itself seems to have stalled hugely. Initially we weren't going to unpack anything until we'd finished decorating, but gradually as we've needed this or that, the boxes have become half unpacked all over the house and the majority of the walls remain untouched. 'Slowly slowly' seems to have become my stock response to anyone who asks, 'how's the house coming along'. It's more difficult to get on with it all when you live here somehow. I guess it's akin to working from home, when it's where you live all your everyday distractions become very distracting!

I'm not working a huge amount at the moment. I'm still working my way through The Crochet Sock Collection, which is now very very very nearly ready to launch. I'm taking on a few magazine commissions here and there and I have launched a new jewellery project, but trying to balance work and house renovating and looking after my very demanding toddler is a tough juggling act.

Effie is now well on here way to 2. She's feisty and independent and hugely demanding in equal measure. I'm sure Milo wasn't quite so time consuming at her age. She goes to nursery 2 mornings a week so I do get some time to work peacefully. She loves it and it's so nice to see her flourishing there and making friends.

Though it's full and slightly chaotic, life is good.

I plan to be back in this space more regularly going forward. Expect to see house updates, gardening exploits, family adventures and crafty pursuits.

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