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There's nothing like bringing a new life into the world to help realise how many wonderfully kind and generous people you have in your life. I cannot tell you how many gifts this little girl (and her big brother) have received, both before she was even born and in the last few weeks.
Not only that but, my do I have some talented friends too. I really wanted to share with you some of the truly gorgeous handmade gifts this little lady has been gifted.

There have been so many I thought I'd do a little series, starting today with the knits.

Obviously I knit a fair amount of items for her myself, but I was so very touched to have received so many hand knits from others. 'Any excuse for some,' Johnny declared, he's quite right of course, but the fact that because knitters love knitting (and let's be honest baby knits are some of the most fun things to knit) only makes the items Effie's been gifted even more precious in my eyes.

One of my lovely neighbours and fellow craft night and knit and natter attendee brought round this gorgeous box of goodies a couple of weeks before Effie's arrival.

She also included a oil blended especially for labour, which was great, I rubbed it on my belly during the early stages and found it super relaxing.
The knits are the gorgeous (Petit) Artichaut by Solenn Couix-Loarer with matching booties in Drops Alpaca ::

And my utter favourite, which has been worn a whole lot by little Effie, is Granny's Favourite by Georgie Hallam also with matching booties knit in Malabrigo Sock ::

You can see the ravely notes on Angie's knits on her page here.

Another lovely and fairly new knitter, though you wouldn't really know it by her incredible knitting skills, Bex of Ampersand Commodoties, knitted this incredibly dress for Effie ::

It was knit from a vintage Paton's pattern and I cannot tell you how many compliments it received on it's first outing last week. My sister has already claimed it as a hand-me-down for her daughter due in February.

Lastly is this lovely little cardigan, knit for Effie by a friend's Mum ::

She is so unbelievably lucky to be wrapped up in all these lovingly created gifts and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful folks around us

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