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So Milo turns 3 on saturday (three really?!) and there was I thinking I'd make a fairly simply decorated rustic looking cake. Originally he requested a cherry cake, I figured that wouldn't be a problem, then I remembered that it is of course April and the chances of finding any decent cherries would be impossible. I set out to explain to him seasonality and how there wouldn't be any cherries on the trees yet. He wasn't too phased and immediately requested a fire engine cake instead! I am no great cake decorater, I love to make cakes and I would say I'm fair baker but decorating isn't really one of my strengths. After browsing the web together for a while I spotted a fairly simple to assemble lego cake, and carefully suggested this as an alternative. He quickly agreed (phew) and we set about some more internet browsing.

Here are a few of my favourites ::

I even found with his name on!

But please note that I make no promises mine will look anywhere near as good as these!

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