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As Christmas (yeah I said it!) approaches, I'm already feeling utterly daunted by the amount of work I'm going to be drowning under.  Every year I say I will be more prepared, every year I fail!  Now I am by no means ready this year, in fact I'm probably the least ready I have been, so to try and combat this, I plan to completely reinvent my very neglected basement.  Almost 2 years ago now I officially moved in there as a work room, but it's never really been a very well executed functioning room.  Ideally I need tons of storage and lots of organisation, both of which are sorely lacking.  I also think realistically I need a little craft space for the little one, so we can 'work' together.

So in the next few weeks I really hope to give it a grand overhaul, but in the meantime, here are a few work/craft rooms I've been lusting over on pinterest.

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