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A couple of weeks ago Milo and I went off to Latitude Festival for the weekend...we had a blast, seriously far and away the best festival I've ever been to.

Multicoloured sheep #latitude13

Whilst on the way there, I made myself up this crochet watch strap.  It's been a while since I've worn a watch I'm in the habit of using my phone these days, but as I was conscious my phone battery barely manages to last a day without charging, I figured there was no way it would last 4 days.

So the day before we headed off I purchased a super cheap watch to take with me, it cost me the grand old price of £2.50 and came from a charity shop, the only problem was it had a horrible plastic strap.  I grabbed myself some cotton yarn from my stash and a crochet hook before heading off for the train and took the travel time as a the perfect opportunity to amend the dreadful strap situation.

This colourful accessory served as the perfect companion for the weekend, the cotton means it's light and easy on the wrist, particularly good as it was so hot whilst we were away.  I love crochet, being able to fill some time on my train journey with something I love whilst making something super useful, is just amazing.

Got a cheap watch for this weekend, 1hr on the train a crochet hook and some yarn and it has a colourful new strap! 

 The pattern for this crochet watch strap is available in my August Newsletter which is going out to subscribers today, if you'd like to sign up to receive emails you can do so here ::

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