Excuses for absences....

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Oh I have been a very naughty absent blogger the past week, and as for crafting 365...well I am failing terribly!

So what is my excuse? It was my birthday on Tuesday, and just as I had finished putting Milo down for his morning nap on Monday, there was a knock on the door, I was expecting the postman but when I opened the door I discovered two very lovely little girls (my nieces) my mum and my sister!!  They had driven all the way down from Norfolk to surprise me!!  It was a good job I was in!

Then of course Tuesday itself was full of birthday loveliness provided by my super wonderful boys and my first night out without the smallest of them since he was born!!

As for the other 5/6 days I missed, well...I was just slack I guess!!

So today I shall be updating a few of my crafting 365 days, but not all of them I'm afraid to say, and tomorrow I am off to Cambridge for the weekend, so more blogging shall no doubt be missed, but I will try my hardest to achieve some crafting on those days.

Happy Friday xxx

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