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So I really cannot complain about the weather of late, the last few days have been especially glorious, even prompting our first trip of the year to Cheltenham's Lido.  But today is dreary and rainy (though still lovely and warm) and I appear to have caught a cold.  So I'm feeling a little sorry for myself and in an attempt to cheer up am dreaming of hot summer days and festival season.

Last year Milo and I headed to Latitude, which was by far and away the best festival I have attended to date.  I wrote all about it over on the Ask Baby Cotswold website.  The whole atmosphere and the location were just perfect for a family and I heavily recommend it if you have little ones to entertain.

It's definitely high on my list of festivals I'd like to attend this year.  I haven't even really considered the line up, but I just know that we'll all find something that we love there and pleasing everyone in my family isn't always the easiest of tasks!  The only downside to me, for Latitude, is that for us it isn't a short journey away. In fact I think last year from leaving our home to setting up camp it took a grand total of 10 hours.  It was certainly worth it, but I wonder if I'll feel the same way this year, seeing as I'll be 30 weeks pregnant and all.

Looking more locally I really love the sound of Camp Bestival.  It's on the weekend after Latitude, which also means it doesn't conflict with school and should be only half the journey time.  I've never been before, but it seems even more kids orientated than Latitude.  The list of kids activities and performances is incredible and I have absolutely no doubt Milo would be in heaven.

Another family festival that really caught my eye is the Big Feastival, organsised by Jamie Oliver and Alex James, and super local to us in Kingham, pretty much mid way between here and Oxford.  Ang from Ask Baby Cotswold went last year and reviewed it over on their website and it certainly sounds like the perfect mix of everything I love, food, music and entertainment for the kids.  Though it's on right at the end of August, I'll be about 37 weeks pregnant...I like the idea of it now, but may feel a bit differently at the time! I would still certainly consider going, especially as it's so close to home.

I would love to hear of any of your experiences festivalling whilst pregnant or with little ones in tow.

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