Dreaming of spring ::

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dreaming of spring :: 

 It's only just January I know, but there's oh so much to plan and dream about in the coming season. The seed catalogues arrived the day we got back from our Christmas holidays, giving me the green light to dive in and start drawing up lists, researching varieties and well, purchasing all those all so promising little packets! I won't lie, I did spend quite a hefty amount, but I have quite a few long lasting items on their way (including 3 currants, some honeyberry plugs and Jerusalem artichoke tubers). With the seed choices I've mostly opted for heritage varieties so that I can save the seed each year. I'm growing lots of things that are new to me and a few of my favourites, but mostly everything is new to me as I've only been doing this gardening business a few years, but this the year I hope to become completely self sufficient in our vegetable consumption, with my fruit monster toddler, I doubt it would ever be possible to do the same with fruit, but with all the berries we'll be growing this year, hopefully we'll be quite well stocked through the summer months at least.

  dreaming of spring :: 

 Most of the growing will be taking place at the allotment this year, but I expect we'll keep a few favourites in the garden too. Namely some herbs, a few tomatoes, blueberries and the raspberries we potted up last year before I got the allotment and a few flowers no doubt. I'm really looking forward to this growing season, though I know I have a huge amount of work to do, I'm really hoping I'm more successful than I was last year.

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