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last week I attended my first neighbourhood 'knit and natter' gathering, it was lovely and there were fabulous cakes!

"'A souvenir of today at Cudgewa 25.10.16.' It looks something like a Red Cross meeting, but it's just the normal state of patriotic girls during the Great War." - Cudgewa, Victoria, 25 October 1916 / photographer unknown

Whilst I was there I was taught to knit continental style (essentially holding the yarn in your left hand rather the right).  So far, so good, I'm not quite as fast as I am english style yet, but getting close.  I'd love to be one of those super speedy knitters, you know where the needles are a blur of motion.  I guess it just takes a whole lot of practice.  But I'm fairly convinced that I can be a lot quicker with the continental knitting than I am currently.  I just need a bit of practice, which is the perfect excuse to knit myself another sweater I feel!

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