Cardi in 4 days? Day 4 :: Complete ::

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I did it! With a little last minute crochet on the train and some late night weaving in and button sewing, I finished the cardi, though it's probably more of a shrug. I even made the buttons myself, with a little help from the toddler.

I made it a lot shorter than I intended, not just because of the tight deadline (promise), but also because the dress had such a high waist band, I thought it would look better if it stopped where the skirt began.

cardi in 4 days? Day 4 :: Complete ::

I like it a lot and I think it went really well with the dress (I didn't have time to block it, which looking at the photo it probably would have benefited from) and it did it's job of keeping me warm, though it was hardly required what with it being such a delightfully warm sunny day!

This is the only picture I have, because I tend to take all the photo's and truth be told Johnny really has no idea how to use the camera, but I think you get the idea.

I am a little behind with my pattern writing at the moment, but I will write this one up when I get a chance.

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