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So I know it's only Thursday, but I thought I would let you all in on my sales secrets a little early!

You may or may not know, that before I became a crochet designer I spent the majority of my time making items from polymer clay.  I have a little etsy shop called Lilley and it is solely due to this enterprise that I was able to remain away from work after my maternity leave ended.  Though this side of my business has been a little neglected since I started designing, I still spend at least one day a week working on it and it's only because of this extra business that I am able to remain at home.
I've run Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales over in my Lilley shop for the past few years and with great success and I shall be partaking over there again this year.

So if any of your loved ones are in need of some ninja stitch markers, a pair of loveheart earrings or some festive buttons (to mention just a few of the items I have available there) hop on over and you can receive 30% off any orders over £15 with coupon code BLKFRI13

Or better still if you sign up to my mailing list you will receive an email containing a coupon code with an even higher discount (this is a different mailing list to my pattern list)

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This year I will also be holding a sale in my pattern store.

photos by Britt Spring

I shall be offering 30% off all patterns in my ravelry store, the prices have already been adjusted so no need for a coupon code, you won't see the discount until you checkout. If you'd rather do your pattern buying on etsy you can use coupon code BLKFRI13 over there for the same discount and it can also be used against finished items I have for sale there.

A very happy thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it.

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