Alphabets and Ninjas

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With no work yesterday (or today for that matter!), I had a pretty productive day overall. I didn't get to do the fun kind of shopping I was hoping for as it just isn't very good for that where we live and didn't quite get ourselves ready in time for travelling to Bristol or Birmingham, but did get to do some of the boring "stuff we need for the house" kind of shopping. When we got home we ate lots of toffee yum yums and I made many beads with some special cutters that Johnny spotted for me.

Obviously they are cookie cutters really, but then so are all my other polymer clay cutters and they've always worked pretty well and as it turned out so did these. I was really pleased as although the principle would be same as with another cutter, letters are a lot more delicate and fiddly overall. But (well I think so anyway) they are quite well defined, you can certainly make out what they are meant to be anyway. These are for my niece, well one of each letter at least, but I'm thinking about doing custom orders for my shop.

I also made some more of these little fellas who were originally for the UK etsy challenge. I haven't participated since back then, over a year ago now, but am thinking of doing so again soon. October's challenge is King Arthur! I have absolutely no idea what I'd do for that, but I guess that's why they call it a challenge!!

Anyway...these are my new ninjas who will be making their way into my shop sometime this afternoon.

There's not much else to share yet for today, but I intend to spend the rest of day crafting, so no doubt there will be tomorrow at least if not later on this afternoon!!

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