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Oh my, it's been a while, I'm sorry to have disappeared so suddenly and without any explantation.
The beginning of the year did not exactly go as hoped, there were losses and upsets and dramas, that put a stop to all my well planned New Year resolutions and then I got very ill, super tired and to our great surprise we discovered we were expecting another baby!  Milo is beyond thrilled especially since we discovered it will be the little sister he has been so keen to have.

Those first 3 months were super tough, I was so unwell and so unbelievably exhausted, all the time. I got way behind on work and am really only just managing to catch up.

However I'm now safely in my second trimester, the nausea has long gone and I don't nod off every time I dare to sit down for more than a minute.  I'm finally feeling like I can get back to work and after an incredibly inspiring weekend in London for Blogtacular, I'm hoping to find the time to get properly back into blogging.

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