A weekend in Bruton...

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...this weekend just gone we travelled, not too far, south to a beautiful little town in Somerset, called Bruton where Johnny's grandparents live. We went to celebrate both Johnny's Mum's and Uncle's birthdays. It was a lovely family gathering, it's great that Milo gets to see so many generations of his family.

The weather was perfect (I even got my first touch of sunburn this summer!) there was some croquet playing, duck feeding, fruit picking and lots of delicious food.

Unfortunately my camera battery ran out just before the sun decided to shine, so it may look a little overcast, but the sun did definitely come out to play.

We stayed in a very grand bed and breakfast, I don't have any photo's, but it was stunning.

Milo was beautifully behaved all weekend, despite missing most of his naps and staying up too late! All in all it was a very wonderful weekend!

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