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As I mentioned last week I took my niece on her first visit to the bright lights of London this weekend. She LOVED it!! And so did me and Johnny. It was the first time I had taken her away before and got to spend a whole 3 days in her company. She lives in a little town in Norfolk, so it really was quite a cultural change to what she's used to..
I could go on and on and on about what a wonderful time we all had, but I'll try not to ramble on too much! We didn't get to do all the things I had planned but we still managed to fit quite a lot in considering we were only there for 2 and a half days. I lent Bethany my old camera and I'm afraid to say that her pictures are a million times better than my own, but I don't have any copies of hers to show you, so it's my, not that great ones, I'll be sharing with you today. What particularly amazed me about the quality of Bethany's photographs is that they were all taken from the height/perspective of a 6 year old, who most of the time couldn't even see over the walls and barriers and therefore had to try and position the camera in between holes and crooks to get a good view!

So the first day we went to The Tower of London Bethany wanted to see the crown jewels and Tower Bridge. As it was half term that was lots and lots of queueing to be done but fortunately most of the queues moved along quite quickly.

A quick note...if you do plan on going when they ask you if you would like to gift aid the ticket, say yes, it only takes a few seconds and you get given a free 12 month pass!

I enjoyed it because I find it so completely amazing when you consider the age of some of the buildings and you really consider all the many many historic events that have taken place there, it was reasonably expensive, but as everything else we planned to do over the weekend was free I didn't mind paying, I think maybe if you were on your own or with older children learning more of the history would be great, but we still enjoyed it.

Johnny came down on Friday night after work, we went out for dinner and then retired to our hotel...to rest ready for our busy following day.


We went to The Natural History Museum and the The Science Museum, both of which were two of my favourite places when I was a child and I wasn't remotely disappointed on visiting as a grown up. I really could go on forever about how wonderful both museums are, how wonderfully set out they are and how amazing all the staff were, but I'll just show you some pictures instead.

We didn't actually go and see the dinosaurs until Sunday because the queue was so so long on Saturday but we arrived at opening on Sunday and walked straight through which was great.

We also took a trip to Oxford Street and more importantly Hamleys on Saturday evening...my plan was to take Bethany to see Buckingham Palace, however Johnny didn't really want to go, so offered this choice to Bethany "would you like to go to Buckingham Palace, or would you like to go to the biggest toy shop in the world?". Well I think you can probably guess what her response was!

After Hamleys we took a stroll down Carnaby Street had dinner and went down to Piccadilly Circus to get the tube back, so although I didn't get to show Bethany Buckingham Palace, Cleopatra's Needle or the Tate Modern, we still did quite a lot and enjoyed every single second of it.

Sorry if I did end up rambling quite a lot, I just truly did have a wonderful wonderful time!


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