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Posted by vicki brown on

Oh my so I've moved again, but this time I really hope it will be for good!

I've come over from typepad, where I had 3 blogs, none of which I was really looking after very well at all!

I decided it was probably about time to set up a proper website for my little business, somewhere to direct people, instead of the list of online shops I have on various venues, don't get me wrong I have no intention of leaving any of these places, but I was paying for typepad, not much less than I am now paying for my own website, so all in all it seemed the best thing to do.

I have a blog on the new website which will be for all businessy type bits and bobs, but this one here will be for me, my knitting, my gardening, my allotment and of course my boy!
I have managed to import most of my old blog posts from typepad, working on the others, so you should be able to see them below.

Enjoy :)

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