A good old clearout...

Posted by vicki brown on

This is exactly what I've doing this morning...ever since I've been making beads I've been filling up a jar with all the not so perfect and last of ones that I've produced, well today I emptied that jar and went through them all, bagging them up into lovely little sale bundles.

So over the next few days I will be listing all these lonely beads in need of a home, at super discount prices...as always all my beads are free shipping, you'll be able to find them all grouped together here.

In other news I managed a photo of the little baby booties I made a couple of days ago...

I did find a free pattern online but unfortunately it wasn't the most comprehensive and as a result these pretty much came out of my head. I won't post a link to the pattern as it really wasn't much help at all!

As well as having a big clearout of stock this weekend I'll also be hosting a big black friday thru cyber monday sale, as I'm pretty sure lots of other etsy sellers will be...more details can be found here. I'll be announcing my sale offers tomorrow, here and they'll also be posted up on the front of my shop.
Happy Thursday all xxx

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