A fun Day Out at the Craft Fair

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Went to the Craft, Hobby and Stitch show at the NEC in Birmingham yesterday with my Mum and my sister. I've never been to the NEC before and wasn't really prepared for its vastness!! It kind of feels like an airport. However I had loads of fun, although it was incredibly exhausting. The really annoying thing was none of the stalls were actually allowed to sell anything there on the day, so despite seeing all these wonderful and inspiring things I came home empty handed. Which my bank account is probably quite happy about anyway.

However my Mum did place an order for lots of Sculpey Clay for her shop which makes me very happy as I now have a very cheap and accessible source for my polymer clay!

I still haven't finished my painting but have been quite busy making these little treasures...

The Cupcakes are a ring and broach that I made as a little gift for myself! However I have been working on some more today to add to my shop. The buttons and the beads are made from the wonderful glow in the dark fimo I discovered a few weeks ago and cannot get enough of!! Both are in my shop already.

Anyways back to work, I'm painting some new ceramic magnets for the shop today.

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