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I'm a little behind with this, as Effie actually turned 7 months back on the19th April. It's all been a little crazy round these parts, what with me going back to work and the possibility of a house move drawing closer.
However 7 months this baby is and what a delightful 7 monther she is.

We've finally formed the basis of a routine. She'll go to bed at 7-8 after dinner and a bath, she has a feed, then down she goes. Sometimes she grumbles a little, sometimes a lot, unless she's crossed the line from tired grumbling to 'you've abandoned me screaming' we leave her now and she'll fall asleep pretty quickly. She usually wakes once in the night, the time of this massively varies, anytime from 11-5. Making it pretty tough for my sleep schedule but I'm doing ok. Then back down again until about 7. When we get up we play for a little while, then another feed and back to bed about 9. This is the magical part of my day where she sleeps for a good 2-3 hours. Without this sleep I would never get any work done. Up around 12.30. Some lunch, another feed a trip out of the house, then off for the school run. Another feed when we get home. Dinner at 5.30ish and back to the bedtime business. It can change and one day can be turned upside down if I don't get her down for her nap quickly enough. But it's something to build my day around.

As for milestones;

  • still no teeth.
  • she's mastered the sounds 'dada' 'at' 'ta' and is still the bestest raspberry blower in the west, but no 'mama' yet, despite my best attempts at teaching her! 
  • she can sit without assistance indefinitely now.
  • can crawl backwards, around in circles and lifts herself into the right position, but hasn't quite mastered forward motion yet.

Her brother is her favourite, but she loves people, has smiles for everyone and has started to recognise those we see lots of.

We're all having so much fun watching her little character develop.


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