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So I got a little bit distracted last week and lost my knitting and crochet blog week mojo.  I'm putting this down to a couple of things, firstly the day 3 theme, really didn't appeal to me (infographics aren't really my thing) then I went off on a little Oxford based adventure on day 4, which left me a little worse for wear come day 5, then off I hopped on day 6 to wonderwool (more on that later this week).  But here I am, pretending that today is day 4 again, I'm just going to skip over day 3.

Today the prompt is to think about colour, the kind of colours we love to use and I guess thinking about why it is we love those colours.

This has come at the perfect moment as I've been giving my blog itself a little overhaul today and thinking about the colours that best reflect me as a crafter.

My big favourite is purple, it appears a lot, both in my wardrobe and on my yarn shelves.  I'm particularly fond of muted pale shades, but purple in any form is good as far as I'm concerned.

 My second favourite has to be green, again mostly muted shades, turquoise and teal appear high on my wishlist regularly, but having a peek through my wardrobe and accessories, I can tell you it does not frequently make it's way on to the needles/hook for my personal projects.  I can't tell you why that is mind.

As a designer colour is something I think about a lot, I spend a lot of time trawling through shadecards attempting to discover the perfect colour in the perfect weight and the perfect yarn content for a particular project, of course I don't always get my first choice, of yarn or colour when it comes down to the nitty gritty with the magazine/publishing house, so I've learnt to be flexible in my choices.  To be honest, though I have my favourites, all colour is pretty good in my book and there certainly aren't any I really dislike.

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