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Oh my how exactly did it all go by so quickly! 10 weeks to go, though I'm thinking I'd quite like for her to arrive a couple of weeks early and therefore get in to the earlier school year!  Not too early mind.

All has been pretty quiet in terms of pregnancy this week, no appointments, no worries or problems and an unexpected upturn in energy levels.  All in all it's been a good week.  In fact there have even been a couple of occasions I've almost forgot I'm pregnant at all, which when you're as big as I am is quite unexpected.

I'm starting to think I need to start getting ready.  I've made a big list of items for my hospital bag, though I'm hoping to stay at home I still need to have a bag ready to go, just in case. I was thinking I'd get together a box for labour at home too, something with everything ready for when the time comes. I don't remember having a particularly large bag last time, but the list I've copied off a baby website somewhere on the internets, seems enormous. Think I'll be taking a suitcase in to hospital with me. I'm also making a start on getting all the clothes etc. washed and ready whilst it's lovely and sunny.  I'm super lucky in that I've been given a whole ton of clothes, there really is pretty much nothing in terms of clothing I need to buy, which I'm really grateful for.

Like I say all is pleasantly quiet this week, which is wonderful and really given me a chance to start preparing for the summer holidays and all the business of having fun which will ensue.

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