How to do Foundation Double Crochet

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foundation double crochet tutorial

As today is the day we start the Summer of Crochet Socks crochet-a-long and the first pattern (Cranage Socks) starts with a row of Foundation Double Crochet, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a little tutorial for this stitch.

I love this method of starting any crochet work - I much prefer it to starting chains - and it's particuarly useful for this pattern as we go around and work into the underside of the foundation row and I think it makes a nicer base of the stitch.

If you really don't want to do this - then you absolutely can just do a starting chain and work as many stitches as the pattern calls for - but I think once you have a go at this you'll be converted.

foundation double crochet tutorial

Start with a slip stitch.

Chain two.

Insert your hook into the first chain you made (or second chain from hook) yarn around hook, draw through one loop - so you now have 2 loops on your hook.

Yarn around hook - draw through one loop again. So you've essentially worked two chains since inserting into your first chain.

Yarn around hook, draw through both loops, and that's it you've made the first stitch.

To work your next stitch (and all subsequent stitches) insert your hook into the bottom of the last stitch you made. A bit further down is a picture with all the stitch parts labelled if you're not sure where that is.

As you did for the last stitch, you now essentially do two chains, so yarn around hook, draw through one loop, yarn around hook, draw through one loop again. So you're left with two loops on hook.

To finish the stitch, yarn around hook, draw through both loops.

Then just repeat as required.

I hope this is helpful - any questions please ask away.

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