The Crochet Sock Collection - Printed Book

  • £12.00

This listing is for the physical copy of the collection, which is printed in a A5 booklet, if you would also like a PDF copy of the collection, let me know in 'note to seller' and I shall send one over to you within 24 hours of purchase.

A collection of 6 crochet sock patterns, designed using different stitches and techniques to create hardworking, truly wearable, comfortable socks.

People often seem surprised by the idea of crochet socks. I regularly hear cries of ‘I never thought of crochet socks!’. Of course, you can crochet anything. If you’re a crocheter who frequents the internet I’m sure you’ve seen with your own eyes that just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should! When it comes to socks however you absolutely should.

Having been a sock knitter for many many years, when it came to crochet socks I found it difficult to find any patterns that didn’t look bulky, stiff and uncomfortable. Tempted to try my hand at knitting lacy socks but lacking the confidence, I turned to my trusty crochet stitches and a new love was born. You really can make crochet socks that are comfortable, beautiful and practical.

I won’t lie to you, crochet does not have the same stretch and flexibility as knitting does, but by utilising the stretch it does have and finding the right stitches, crochet socks are very much a possibility.

In this collection are six designs that all have different techniques, different stitches and varying heel and toe constructions. These are socks that are designed to work, be loved and be put through their paces!

Collection includes Hop Socks, Spring Fling, Sparkler, Fallen Leaves, Winter Wonder and Mulled Wine sock patterns. All patterns are available in 3 adult sizes.

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