While We Waited - MCAL Kits

I've parterned up with one of favourites, The Crochet Project, on Joanne's Mystery Crochet Shawl and dyed up some kits for a special crochet along.

The MCAL starts June 17th and these kits will ship out by May 26th.

Notes on the pattern from Joanne

“This year's inspiration is the very strange year we are having, which initially doesn't seem too pretty! But I promise you, the ideas come together to make a beautiful scarf or wrap. The design plays with ideas about how the virus is separating us from one another but strangely bringing people together and how everyone is having a very different experience of it, but there are many shared experiences too. Its a soothing pattern with plenty of repetition with a different pattern to learn each week.

Some of you will find yourselves with more time on your hands at the moment and some of you will be juggling more than ever. Because of this we decided, for the first time in a mystery crochet along ,to offer the pattern in two sizes. The wrap size uses three 100g skeins and takes around about four* hours per week, the scarf uses three 50g skeins and takes around two* hours a week.”

If you'd like to work from stash you can find the pattern on it's own here - https://thecrochetproject.com/products/while-we-waited-mcal?

The yarn kits are not longer available - but I will probably have some spares, if you'd like to know when these go on sale best thing to do is to sign up to my mailing list here - https://forms.omnisrc.com/signup/v1/5cd960808653ed3e50c96706_5cdd61468653ed76f6e71e01.html

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